Saturday, January 26, 2008


Nothing here today...absolutely nothing....

Rog brought donuts home for breakfast, so when everyone finally woke up, we had a sugar filled breakfast.  Rog and Ry ran to WalMart to get a few things to finish up the pinewood derby cars, I paid bills and Sis watched a movie.  They came home bearing a $5 pizza, so we ate again...

Rog and I entered an online poker tournament (it was free - we don't put money towards stuff like that, but he does love to play). I was able to do some data entry for the fd while we played as well, so it wasn't a total waste. The kiddos played so good all afternoon - I think it was the Polly Pockets again.

The fridge was full of leftovers, so we all had something different for dinner and the kiddos went back to playing and I took a long hot bath (to thaw out - it only got up 37* here today and my house stays cold).  When I got out, Rog said he registered us both for another tournament.  So I played in the tourney while I worked on some more fd data entry. It is 11:00 and I have been out of the tourney for a while - Rog is still playing, so I am up with him.  Once he loses - or wins if that may be the case - we will be off to bed.  I am off to random blog....have a nice night..

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