Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crazy Tuesday

Whew...yesterday was a whirlwind - literally and figuratively!

We woke up at 7:45am - had to leave the house by 8:15 or so to get to co-op.  Had to pick up Chunky on the way as well.  We were inthe car at 8:20, so not to bad off.

We had co-op until 2:00, then I ran thru the bank and sat there FOREVER in the drive thru line, took Chunky home - his dad was supposed to give me a schedule for Feb, but said it was in the printer and the poweer was off.  We came home and right as we got in, our power went out - and came back on- and wenot out.  We had a Carbon Monoxide detector that is plugged in and it beeps everytime the power goes off or comes on - well it beeped about 8 time yesterday afternoon, then it the power finally went out for good. The wind was blowing soo bad - it was bending our big oak trees.  I tried to take some video on my phone - if I can figure out how to get it from there to here, I will share.

Meanwhile - I needed to make chili - thank God for gas stoves (and my hubby that taught me how to light it when there is no power) so I got that started, but I couldn't start the cookies for scouts. 

Being without power sparked a great conversation with Ry - he was wondering what would work and what wouldn't - we talked about all the things that plug in - and learned that there is electricity, gas (that sometimes needs power), phones - that can be connected to the power, but we still have a regular wall phone that can be used -even when the power is out .

And then the fire department pager (that was in it's plugged in charger) went off - he said - that is not supposed to work, so we had the discussion about batteries and chargers and all with our phone and pagers and stuff - which he already knew because his bug remote control jeep has to be charged - alot!

Well, the power finally came back on, I got the chili on the table and the cookies in the oven and we made it to scouts on time. 

Ry got his acheivements badge tonight - we need to work on somethings so he can get his beads to go on it - he has earned a few - but we weren't sure how many, so we are going to work on some more before we turn in our numbers.

Well, since yesterday was a total bomb as far as time goes - I need to get going and start on today...

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  1. We have days like this too. We live in a small town and often when the power goes out here, it's only for a few seconds or just long enough that we have to go through and reset all the clocks.


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