Monday, January 28, 2008

My Monday

I woke up with Rog for some reason this morning - at 5:45, and couldn't go back to sleep. Since it was still dark outside, I didn't think much about it, but as the day progressed, it was cloudy most of theday - the sun did peek out just a bit for a few minutes, but nothing to get excited about.  I know I should get up with him every morning, but he doesn't want me to.  If I as, he tells me there is no reason for me to be up, and if I get up, he tells me to go back to bed.  I try and make sure his stuff is ready the night before, so most days I just sleep. 

Anyways, I got the laundry started - it sorta piles up over the weekend since I usually don't get around to it. I got caught back up, all folded and put away. I unloaded the dishwasher, usually one of the kiddos do that, but I was up, so...

While the kiddos slept, I worked on my Home Blessing Book, I think I have the book like I want it, and I will spend this week putting my routine/schedule/cleaning stuff on paper to put in there.  Doing this notebook cleared up so much space on my desk.

Once the kiddos woke up, they started playing legos. The unspoken rule here is you can play until you are ready to eat, then after breakfast, we start school work.  Well, today they were holding out on me - they played a few games of Don;t Break The Ice, and few fierce rounds of Rock'em Sock'em Robots, and then built a huge battleship with their legos.  I finally told them they needed to think about getting ready to do some school work - Ry finally fessed up that he was hungry -it was11:30. They cleaned up their lego mess and had some food - maybe we can call it brunch. They were ready to start on their school work.

They did their reading - The Lost Puppy; did spelling lesson; history - I read from sotw while they did the color sheets - the first people of Russia was our topic.  While they finished up the color sheets, I also read a bit from Hoot.  We did a Listening skills work sheet, about an owl.  For some reason it all came together that we are studying owls this week, between the listening skills, our read aloud Hoot and our FIAR story -Owl Moon.  None of it was planned to come together this way, it just happened. Their math was a review, adding coumns, so we breezed thru it pretty quickly. They decided they were hungry again, so we stopped and had a snack from the snack box. Science was birds (OWLS AGAIN?) and mammal detctives.  The next thing they have in science is a zoo adventure book, so we went ahead and cut it out and glued it in their science notebook (they have 2 sceince notebooks - we started one, then I realized The Animal Kingdom was alot, so we started a new book, completely dedicated to animals.  When we finish up this section, I will encourage them to watch for animals and draw and write about them in the left over pages. The first book has just enough room for us to do the human body study - it has the beginning - earth, rocks, trees)

I guess we will be packing some crayons and a lunch box and heading to the zoo sometime this week - if it doesn't rain - or we don't get the snowstorm they are calling for.

While I was fixing dinner- chicken sandwiches and fries - Sis found the treasure hunt clue that I placed on the fridge early this morning.  It is from Learn To Read Treasure Hunts. So, they took off to find the clues.  They found them all and got a sticker. Dinner was good, afterwards, they contiued with the treasure hunt - re-hiding them for each other.

We ran down to the fire department - so I can keep up with my stuff -and hung out there til after bedtime.  We had a long day and tomorrow will be just as busy, so I am off. 

Sweet dreams everryone.


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