Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday ~

Rog and Ry were at deer camp. Sis and I got up and went to Toltec Mounds again for part 3 of 3 (even though we missed part 2) of the badge she is trying to earn.  We learned alot! The park ranger went over tools and weapons, culture and the girls got to do a craft.

We left there and thought about going to see The Jonas Brothers - they were giving a free concert before they opened for Miley Cyrus at 4, but after we heard reports on the radio - I changed my mind.

Rog and Ry got home and we went to the Christmas Tree Farm and cut down a tree. Once we got it home, the kiddos decorated it.

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  1. Hi Christa~

    Hope you are feeling well......I just wanted to pop in and say Hi.......

    The girls are huge Miley Cyrus fans....and gotta love the Jonas Brothers too....They were just in Mi. in concert last weekend......Abby was crushed cuz we couldn't win tickets, lol....even though we would've only got 2 and have 3 girls....haha!

    Take care~



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