Friday, November 30, 2007

Weekly update...

Sorry I have been a bit MIA this week. We really haven't done much. We had BS pack meeting on Tuesday night, AWANA on Wednesday and my mom and sis and I tried to sneak in some shopping on Thursday night - I din't get very far....

School has been going ok this week.  They have been doing the basics to get by.  They finished their handwriting book, which was level A and I think that they should be in level B.  I am going to get level B for them to start after the first of the year. We are almost thru the pre-primer level of our reading program.  I started them on that level for several reasons - one, the phonics program we used in first grade worked as far a teaching them phonics, but it went straight from a phonics program to a grammar program - I felt they needed to be reading before we learned grammar. The reading program we are using is very textbook, but they love it. We are using Pathways Readers - they are just about to finish up First Steps, and at the pace they are going, they should be able to start the 3rd grade level when they start 3rd grade next fall. Same with the handwriting and spelling.  We started off with 1st grade in A Reason for Handwriting and Spelling, so they would not be behind and to build that self esteem.  They think it is great that they are breezing thru it.  It will also be good when they get caught up to grade level that they can slow down and work at a slower pace.  Science has been a slow go - we are using Considering God's Creation and we are to the animal kingdom and just haven't proceeded on with it.  We will get back on that next week.  We did read a chapter in History - I think we will need to read at least 2, maybe 3 a week to be able to finish before we go on vacation this summer.  We are going to be DONE with everything before we go, so I have a date to work towards.  I will spend some time during the holidays and the school break mapping out the rest of the year.

As far as FIAR, we start off with it full force and then it seems to get dropped due to whatever reason.  I am thinking I am going to see how they do the rest of their work if we START with FIAR and then move on to math and reading and stuff.  I know that with FIAR, a science and history program is not really necessasary, or with our programs, that FIAR is an extra, but we really do enjoy them all. I guess we will try to start with FIAR and if they do their seatwork cheerfully, then we can do the 'fun stuff' first!



  1. Hey...just stopping by to say hi....Hope you're feeling well these days. I read your schooling update - you are so on top of things. Keep on keepin on....



  2. Christa,

    I love the Pathway Readers. I am still using them with my kids.

    I really need to implement a handwriting program. They are older but still need that practice at writing neatly and correctly.



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