Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I thought we were pass this stage....

but my son seems to think his hair needed a trim this morning.  Thankfully it is not to terribly noticable...


  1. Ry - Adorable! - I shouldn't be doing that...Actually, Christa it looks like he did a decent job. --- Maybe his bangs were getting in his eyes. Hmmmm.....

  2. Oh Christa!! I know how you feel!!! But it really doesn't look bad at all. It could have been worse! Sam could have been the one with shorn hair!!


  3. Christa, I can hardly tell a thing! Just one sweet boy is all I see....


  4. Well...I *might* feel sorry for you IF he did what mine did and cut his bangs totally off! LOL

    I guess every child has to do that once! I just cut the hair on my Barbies. Oh wait--there was that time that I gave my sister a chin length bob... :o)

    I wish you could come play in the snow, too! Wanna load up and come for Christmas?


  5. I think a little gap is cute!!!

    Everyone needs a new "DOO" now and then...*S*

    Merry Christmas!!

  6. I bet he just wanted his picture on your blog since his sister "made the news" yesterday! LOL

    Boy, he's really starting to look grown up!


  7. Hee-hee! I actually cut my bangs the night before my 5th grade pictures...they ended up being less than an inch long, and that was in the 80's when BIG hair was in! His isn't sooooo bad...LOL!

    Gayle from TGR


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