Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm sooo embarassed....

Ok, the lovely ladies at Five In A Row have a daily decluttering challenge - I have been participating in it on and off...well, I decided to get back into it because my office was a M-E-S-S- mess!!!  The past 2 days, I haven't really been 'decluttering' so to speak, but cleaning in my office school room.  Sadly, it is the catch all and the last room cleaned - with the way I have been feeling the past few weeks, it was very low on the priority list as well...

Here are some before and after pics...

The computer desk:

The craft/activities corner:

The school desk:

The spare space in the floor:

and the school stuff shelf:

here are these two areas cleaned - together in one pic:

In front of the big cabinet: (yeah - they got in BIG trouble for leaving that mess)!

and the table (with part of the dog):

and that area together  - cleaned:


  1. I've seen your schoolroom before and it always makes me jealous! Will you stop posting pictures of it!! - Looks so organized and all.....~humph~


  2. GREAT JOB! Doesn't it feel soooo much better to have everything back where you can find it lol!



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