Thursday, December 13, 2007

Salt Dough Ornaments

My friend Angela shared the recipe with us - I posted ithere.  We started this project on Wednesday morning, were inturrupted by a fire, and finished it up Thursday morning.  We only lost 2 in the process of removing them from the cookie sheet and it was a snowman and a Jesus -both had lots of limbs.

Ry making his:

Sis working on hers:

Then today, they painted them:

And here are the finished products:

These ^ are Sis' finished ornaments.

and these ^ are Ry's!


  1. Christa, they're c-u-t-e! ~ and so are the ornaments!! LOL....We've never ventured out and made shapes other than from cookie cutters. Mom and the girls just left for a short walk to the store to see if they can find some paint. We STILL haven't painted ours!

    And thanks for the "Starbuck's" comment on the're so sweet.



  2. They turned out so adorable!

    Something to treasure, for sure!

    (Don't forget to date the backs)


  3. Those came out great!

    Can you believe I still have salt dough ornaments that I made as a kid.

    What a fun memory maker and heirlooms. =)

    This year we made ornaments with applesauce, cinnamon and school glue. Oh they smell soooo good! The kids painted them the other day and we still have to tie ribbons on them. I'll eventually get pictures and share the recipe on my blog.




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