Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

We had a FULL! day!!

We went to my cousins and his wife's house to eat with that part of the family.  My aunt was able to go to the nursing home and get my Meme and bring her for lunch.  She is doing really well, feels good and getting around on her walker great.  We had a big lunch and just chatted hile the kiddos played outside and my Pepaw played tug with one of their pups.

We left there and went to my Grampas (dad's side) and visited with them for a while.  They were going to eat at 5:00 and we had to be at Rog's parents at that time.  We visited with my family - well, the kiddos and Rog played outside - some homemade game - they had fun!

From there, we went to Rog's parents for dinner.  She had most everything done (I was glad, I was tired and hurting).  Dinner was yummy, as was the pies.  The kiddos had a fun time playing together. And we had a nice time sitting around talking - well, we were playing with our phones - trying to figure out how to use the bluetooth feature on my Treo...with no luck.

Tired and full and off to bed...


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