Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stormy Wednesday

The forecast on the 10o'clock new last night said 70% chance of rain after noon.  We loaded up and headed to Brinkley this morning (right at an hour drive) to visit with my great uncle - who lost his wife a few weeks ago - and some other family up there. It rained, no, it POURED on us almost all the way there - thankfully my mom was driving - I would have turned was YUCK!

Uncle K is doing ok - I think he was kinda going thru the motions.  He son and dil were in from Georgia and taking him another 4 hours away from home to her mom's for the weekend.  I was kinda sad for him, I think my first holiday without my loved one - especially so recent of a loss -I would want to stay home and be with my memories in my own house....not someone else's.  I will call him next week and see how he is doing and how his Turkey Day was.

We visited with my other great aunt and uncle (they are 82 and 85). They both seemed to be doing great as well.  Both of them are getting around nicely, and seemed to be maintaining their health. While we were there, the weather was nice and the kiddos go tto run and play outside - they live next to a huge rice/soybean field and the kiddos love to see how far they can get from the house.  They are pretty cicken though - they never get very far before they are racing back home.

Well, the nice weather didn't last long - we watched a lightening storm on the way home - well, while we could see out the windows.  The rest of the time the rain was coming down so hard we couldn't see anything but the very faded lights in front of us.

We made it home safely - the temperature dropped almost 20 degrees in our hour ride home - it is finally cold!!!  YAY!!

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