Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday ~

Today went pretty smooth - the kiddos worked OK - Rog was at the station.  The kiddos worked hard on all of thier school work, helped me pick up around the house and were ready to go with Gramma when she got here this afternoon.   I had a Ladies Auxiliary Meeting tonight, so she kept the kiddos...It ran way over what I thought it was gong to, it was late, Sis was crying, but now they are sound asleep.  I missed most of ER, so I will have to get with my TGR-ER girls to see what happened for sure. I need to type up the minutes from the meeting, update the newsletter that we are trying to get out, as well as our address database and get in bed - we have a big weekend ahead, so I need to crash!!


  1. Have a great weekend!! Let me know if BS's sing campfire songs! Hee--hee....



  2. I'm glad things are going smoothly. Have a great weekend!



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