Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blogger Friend School #4

The Internet offers a lot of treasures! It may not be in the form of actual gold, although I’m sure some could find some on the Internet - probably on ebay! Being a Blogger Friend is all about sharing our treasures. The assignment this week is to share your Internet treasures. Below is a list featurning things that homeschooling moms might be looking for : information, support, ideas, or actual items that pertain to our lives. Each one of us holds some or all of these treasures that need to be shared. Take this list and add your “golden” treasured sites so that we may all share the wealth.

 ~A website that you visit everyday  Portaportal ~ I have almost all of my faves saved on this site - I need to update it again.

~First place you look for a book to buy  ~ Christian Book Distributors

~Favorite Homeschool Support Area ~Five In A Row forums

~Homeschool site full of information that you use regularly ~Homeschool Share

~Site that you buy your new curriculum from ~Rainbow Resources (if I cannot get it straight from the publisher- thanks to Steve Lambert for that mindset)

~Site that you buy your used curriculum from - VegSource - very infrequently

~Site that offers frugal tips to save money ~Hillbilly Housewife

~A site that provides good wholesome recipes ~Tammys Recipe blog

~An informational site that shows you “how” to ~ Bethany at Precious Infants

~A homeschool family website that you purchase from to support them ~Hands and Hearts

~A charity website that you support ~ The Lupus Foundation

~Favorite Graphic site to get graphics for your blog or other things  Home Sweet Homepage

~Site that offers an educational calendar listing important historical events and also to keep you informed on upcoming events. (ex: Fire Safey Week) Brownielocks

~Site that offers Homeschool Freebies  ~Homeschool eStore

~Site that offers any kind of Freebies ~Homeschool eStore

~A blog to read that is always full of humor ~SimpleFolks ~ she has got some funny kiddos

~A blog to read that is always full of useful information ~Trivium Academy

~A blog to visit because it is eye appealing and easy to read ~Reviews by Heidi

~A blog that you read because it inspires you to be a better homeschooling mom ~Shades of Pink or His Mercy is New

~A site that you would allow your children to visit -

~List any other sites that you would like to share that have provided you with a wealth of golden information. ~ you can go to portaportal and use my guest name (myfaves) and take a peek at a few of my faves...


  1. Sometimes I think I should change my template, but then I think that I kinda like it just the way it is~ it's diffferent~ so, it stays.....

    I appreciate the compliment.


  2. Thanks for sharing your "Golden Nuggets"!

    Have a wonderful week :)



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