Friday, August 31, 2007

Week off cleaning list

Since we will be taking 1 week off after 4 weeks of school, I am going to use this time for a deep clean on the house.  It is a total wreck right now, so I hope after this next week of cleaning, I can keep it up a bit and that it will be ok to go 5 weeks in between deep cleanings.  I am going to put my very detailed list on here so I can keep up and cross off what I have accomplished (you know the feeling you get when you mark something off).  My major cleaning will start once school finishes up today and I plan to be done by next Friday or Saturday so I can get ready for the next 4 weeks.


  • File school papers from last 4 weeks

  • File papers in file tray on computer desk

  • Clean of computer desk

  • Dust computer desk

  • Straighten up drawers in computer desk

  • Clean off school table

  • Clean off school desk

  • Dust school desk

  • Straighten drawers in school desk

  • Get all library books collected and in library bag and in trunk

  • Dust off file cabinet/Tv

  • Clean out drawers in cabinet (not used for filing)

  • Go thru and shredd sack of papers

  • Get supplies put back into cabinet

  • Dust supply cabinet

  • Clean windows

  • Clean fan and light

  • Clean around top of room and corners

  • Clean around tops of door frames

  • Clean front glass door

  • Clean out trash can

  • Sweep

  • Mop


  • Clean mirror

  • Clean sink off

  • Clean window

  • Clean shower walls

  • Clean tub

  • Clean toilet - inside and out

  • Straighten up top cabinet

  • Straighten bottom cabinet

  • Double check drawers and cabinets under sink

  • Clean off light fixture

  • Clean around top of room and corners

  • Clean around top of door frame

  • Clean out trash can

  • Sweep

  • Mop


  • Strip and wash sheets

  • Clean off my night table

  • Dust my night table

  • Clean off Rog's shelf

  • Dust shelf

  • Clean off tall chest

  • Dust tall chest and tv

  • Clean off dresser

  • Dust dresser

  • Clean mirror on dresser

  • Clean off closet door mirror

  • Clean out closet floor

  • Dustbuster inside closet floor

  • Clean off ceiling fan and light fixture

  • Clean around top of room and corners

  • Clean around top of door frame

  • Clean windows and window sills

  • Sweep

  • Mop


  • Clean off sink

  • Clean mirror

  • Clean window and window sill

  • Clean light fixture

  • Clean toilet - inside and out

  • Clean out top cabinet

  • Straighten up bottom cabinet

  • Clean out medicine cabinet

  • Dust around chair rail

  • Clean around top of door frame

  • Clean out trash can

  • Sweep

  • Mop


  • Vacuum out air vent

  • Change filter

  • Clean around tops of door frames

  • Sweep

  • Mop


  • Dust hutch

  • Clean off sewing machine table

  • Dust sewing table

  • Dust shelf unit

  • Dust chair rail

  • Clean out key slot

  • Clean panes in french doors

  • Clean ceiling fan and light fixture

  • Clean around tops of door frames

  • Wipe down base boards

  • Vacuum


  • Clean out pantry

  • Clean out fridge

  • Clean off fridge

  • Wipe off dishwasher

  • Scrub sink 

  • Clean off counter tops and backsplash

  • Clean off stove top

  • Clean oven

  • Wipe down baseboards

  • Clean out trash can

  • Clean out microwave cabinet top

  • Clean off microwave cabinet

  • Clean microwave - inside and out

  • Dust chair rail

  • Clean window and window sill

  • Dust door frame above bar

  • Vacuum


  • Clean Rog's side table

  • Dust side table

  • Dust coffee table

  • Clean off game shelf

  • Dust game shelf

  • Clean off my side table

  • Dust my side table

  • Dust 2 book shelves

  • Clean off and dust entertainment center

  • Clean off and dust sofa table

  • Clean 3 windows and window sills

  • Clean back door windows

  • Clean side french door panes

  • Dust around tops of door frames

  • Clean ceiling fan and light fixture

  • Dust off mantle

  • Dust off fireplace

  • Clean lamp

  • Vacuum


  • Straighten shelves

  • All clothes wash, dried, folded and put away

  • Clean off washer and dryer top

  • Clean out freezer

  • Sweep

  • Mop

I think that list should cover it.  We will see how long it takes me to get thru it.  The kiddos are doing thier math test now, then we will do science together and then school is finished.  Once I get them out of the school room - I will get started on it.  I am hoping that with Rog's weekend schedule (he is at the station right now, will be there till morning, leave striaght from there and go to deer camp until late Saturday afternoon) and the kiddos going to gramma's - I can get most of it all done by Sunday morning.  If not, I may pass on going to the lake with them and finish up so we can enjoy our week off.


It is a bit after 1:00pm Sunday afternoon - everyone is at the lake but me.  I have a clean house!!!  I decided to take the kiddos rooms off my list for this weekend. It won't be much longer that I need to go in and switch out clothes for the season, so I will do a complete clean on their rooms at that time.

I finished the Yada Yada book I was reading - I will get that in the mail to Marcy this was really good - sad, but good - can't wait til the next one comes out!!

I am off to browse blogs, start my next Lisa Sampson book - Club Sandwich I believe, maybe play around with my template and just enjpy a quiet afteroon alone -without having to worry about the house that I should be cleaning!!


  1. Wow! You acoomplished more in a week than I have in months!! What a great list - and I imagine it felt great to cross each item off!

    Stacy (from FIAR boards)

  2. So glad you enjoyed the book. I can't wait for the next one! And WOW at all that you got done!!!!!!!

    I have nominated you for the "Nice Matters Award." See my blog for details, .

    Jen in SC


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