Friday, August 31, 2007

Well, like I said earlier, we weren't able to check out A Pair of Red Clogs from the library - I even checked the local bookstores for the book, I was willing to buy it, but we did not do Five In  A Row this week... BUT  I think that it worked out great...we were so busy this week with other stuff, and they were pretty tired from getting up early, so even though FIAR is fun, it would have just been too much to do the 'extra' stuff this week....

The kiddos got all of their school work done (after laying around for a while this morning) with out much fuss.

I am trying to find a Sis' folder from Daisy scouts. We are planning on scrapbooking on Monday (Rog will be at the station) and I want to get Sis' Girl Scout book caught up befoe this year starts off good.  I am going to take a picture of her Daisy vest with all of it's patches on it, then take the patches off and put them in her book.  She wants the vest to play with, so I figure that if I do it this way, then she can see and share the patches and awards that she has earned -instead of them hanging stuffed in the back of her closet.  I plan on doing the same with her brownie vest once she moves up.  As I do the pages with pictures and stuff for her albums, I leave a place to go back and put the patch later.  Of course, with the Boy Scouts, they really don't have a way to wear thier fun patches, so I have been adding Ry's to his book all along.

In the search for the folder - that I am not really sure I am even going to be able to use anything from, as I didn't really take many pictures because our troop didn't really do much - I have come across boxes upon boxes that are full of papers that can be burned or shredded. So, I am bringing in one box at a time and working my way thru it until I get it all done. (maybe in all of this, I will come across the rest of our pictures from before children that went missing when we moved....)

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