Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday ~

Since MIL was off work today, and Rog and I went to the fire department last night, the kiddos stayed the night with their gramma.  Rog and I got up early and watched the eclipse - the kiddos said they did too - they remembered from last time we watched one.  Mom and the kiddos came and picked me up at about 9am and we headed out to do some errands - we combine all of ours and got them all knocked out!  In the middle of all of that, we stopped at Chic-Fil-A for lunch.  Once we were finished with everything else, except groceries, we took the kiddos to play at Chuck E Cheese.  We had a great day...

I got a book in the mail today from a friend from FIAR, Jen.  She RAK'ed me Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Rolling -book 6,  I can't wait to have a few minutes to start it!!  I also have 2 from Lisa Sampson that I want to read.  I have read Quaker Summer (great!) and Straight Up  (umm, weird?, but good) by her and I have The Church Ladies and Club Sandwich on my table to read.  I can't decide which to read first.  I think I am going to read Yada Yada - I promised to send it on to Marcy once I finished it, so I am sure she would love for me to go on and read it and send it on to her!  I can re-check the other 2 from the library again if I am not finished with them.

We had our parent's meeting tonight for the co-op that we are part of.  We will be meeting all day once a week.  I am teaching the Kindergarten class - using FIAR - and I need to come up with something else for them.  I don't think that what I hav planned will fill our day.  I am thinking of doing FIAR before lunch, then after lunch, focusing on a letter of the week.  I will need to see which in the longer time period and do FIAR during the longer time. I am going to have 4 kiddos that are preK and K.  This is the first year for us to do ths program, so it is starting out small.  I pray that it works, my kiddos need something like this.  For 2nd graders, they are doing music, art, spanish, science, and wordbuilding.  I really think they will enjoy it.  The parent meeting went super well - everyone seemed excited about the program.  If you read this and have a sec, say a pray that our first year of Enrichment Only goes smoothly.

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