Monday, August 27, 2007


Well, this school week didn't really start off like I had hoped, but it was a minor flaw, so we will work around it.  The library didn't have my book for me to do Five In A Row this week, so we will not be doing the extra's this week.  I am hoping that we can work this book in later this year to row -mybe early next year - I think the kiddos would have had fun with it.

They breezed thru their seat work for the most part - I even up'ed the amount a bit, but it still went smoothly and quickly.  Until it came to math.... this week's lesson is rounding and estimating and it took them a while for it to click.  We did alot of the first page together, then I helped them a bit on the second page...we shall see how the rest of the lesson goes.

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