Saturday, August 4, 2007

Our Story of the World Map

In my post that shows my school room, in one of the pictures, you could peek down the hall and see our big map in progress.  I finished updating it this afternoon (making some of the colors darker and the last bit of labeling), so I thought I would share it.

This was a blank learning wall that I bought at the teacher supply store here local.  They had several different ones in stock, but I had to order this one.  I bought it strictly for our Story of the World studies, and we are coloring it and labeling it as we learn. *Consider this my disclaimer - I am aware that some of the labels do not match up to today's times - that is part of the story - learning how we got to where we are today.  We are starting school up again on Monday, so I am excited to see where we go from here!!

The entire map:

The western part ofthe map:

Central portion of the map:

Central portion of the map up-close (since that was the area we studied most):

Eastern side of the map:

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  1. I really like looks like alot of fun and what a great hands on way to learn!



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