Monday, August 6, 2007

Our first day of 2nd grade!!

I woke the kiddos up at 7:30, and while they had breakfast, I read to them out of my amplified version of the Bible.  We are reading the Highlights from the Old Testament from PennyGarnder,  We read In the Beginning (Genesis 1:1-31) this morning. They had a few minutes to get chores done.

We came to the school room and there was a clue on the table!  The clue sent them to the kitchen to look under a pan, then to their bedroom to look under the bed, then to the bathroom to look under the mat. Under the mat said great job, come get your sticker! They read thru those and then we got started on the real stuff!

We started our final Alphabet Island book - it is phonics review and spelling, but we are just using it for the phonics review, since we are using a Reason for Spelling  this year. They really loved the characters from Alphabet Island, and I think what they have learned (and will be learning this year) will be helpful in me helping them learn to read. They finished lesson 1, and we moved on to First Language Lessons. We started this last year, but never finished it.  The first few lessons will be a review, we did lessons 1 and 2, they remembered the poem from last year.

The first few lessons in A Reason for Spelling and A Reason for Handwriting were pretty easy, so we finished those without much hassel.  I think I am going to like these to Reason lessons! We are starting with Pathway Readers, and since they are not quite reading I chose to go ahead and start at the very beginning...with Before We Read.

We started the Beta book with our MathUSee, and it is a good thing the first few lessons of it are review - they needed the math review!!

They were excited about Story of the World, volume II - because the knights and castles and such that we get to learn about...we did the map work, a color sheet and made a 'Me on a Flying Carpet'.  When we took a morning break, they flew around the house on their magic carpets.

Break time - they were excited that we finished so quickly.  We started at 8:00 and they were done by 10:00.  I let them go play until 11:00, then we started Five In A Row. Our first book is Little Nino's Pizzeria by Karen Barbour.

After we read the story, we started our passports.  I bought a spiral bound notebook, and used the passport application print-outs from Krista's FIAR Links, and the cover copy from another link (I cannot find it at the time  - will post it when I do).  Anyways, we glued the cover sheet to the front of the book, and they filled out the application and added it to the front page, along with a picture of them.  Then on the first 2 page spread, we started Little Nino's.  They placed a map of Italy, the Italian flag, and the story disc that comes with FIAR.  We have other things to do with Nino this week, so as we add them, our page will fill up.  Once we are finished with it for the week, I will share it.  My point for these books, is for the kiddos to have a passport that they travel the world with great stories, and a place to document their 'travels'!!

All in all, our first day went great.  We finished up with everything just after 12:00, and since I had to run to the bank, we,of course, stopped and got us a pizza!!

We finished up the evening with homemade pizza - that they for some reason didn't want to help make (until it was already in the oven!!)

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