Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday's - our easy days...

We will start a co-op class in September, so I planned for Tuesday's to be our light days. Co-op is going to go from 9-2, it is actually called Enrichment Academy, and is going to be an extra of sorts. 2nd grade is being offered Art, Music, History, Science Lab and Word Building.  I am teaching the K class and will be using FIAR with them.

Anyways, school went great this morning. We got up and started like we did yesterday - right at 8:00. We were completely finished by 10:00.We started off with our bible reading - The Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:1-10/15-25), then we did phonics, grammar, spelling, handwriting and reading, as well as some things with Little Nino's.  I printed off some small circles and colored them red, gave both of the kiddos a blank pizza to decorate.  They took turns rolling a dice and adding pepperoni's to their pizza.  Simple, easy to make, yet the kiddos had fun with it. When I put them to bed tonight, they were asking if they could play again tomorrow.

Once we got the school room cleaned up, we headed out to do errrands...library, get the oil changed, post office. We also went to my momma's work and she was able to get away and have lunch with us.  We went to the pizza place next to her work and just sat and visited for a while.

We left mom's and went to visit my Meme and Pepaw.  It has been a while since we seen them, she has not been feeling well, so we haven't wanted to bother them.

After groceries, we got home and some friends called and asked if we wanted to go eat - I told them I was without Rog, and they said since it was just me and the kiddos, they would treat, so we took them up on their offer!!

I am tired, and I am full, and I am about to go to bed...

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