Friday, August 10, 2007

Finally Friday!!

WOW! What a way to start off a morning - well, I guess it all started last night... while we were at the circus, my dad had a message left on his phone from my mom's cousin(Alice) in GA.  It was about her mil - my mom's aunt (Aunt Dean).  Dad left during intermission to call Alice back - she said that Aunt Dean was at home (about an hour from us/from Little Rock) and was sick - well, we kinda knew that - she has RA and the mes have caused some spots n her liver, so the RA doc took her off her meds for that and she has really been sick because of it this past couple of weeks.  Well, turns out that she has a tumor on her ovary, and fluid build-up around her heart.  Alice (an RN) says that those are the symptoms of final stages of ovarian cancer.  All of this came up in the middle of the circus.  I was a little concerned and worried for Aunt Dean, but, it would appear the this final stages diagnoisis was made over the phone from another state from a nurse who really has no idea what is going on with her medically (I would think it would be safe to say they haven't seen each other since Chrstmas). So, you can see why I wasn't totally stressed about her.  Aunt Dean came to a hospital here in LR this morning, was admitted and will start a procedure this afternoon to drain the fluid around her heart.  She will also be meeting with an oncologist about the tumor on her ovary.  I pray that the procedure works and clears her heart, and that the tomor has not metastasized and can be taken care of  - she is about mid 70's.  I have yet to hear anything from mom about what is going on today. I will update when I can. **UPDATE** I talked to mom - the docs came in and it does appear that it is ovarian cancer and the possibility of it having spread is quite high, BUT they can take care of it and plan to once the get more details.  She is in perfect health (besides the RA) and tht she has a good chance of overcoming the cancer - and if she makes it 5 years without issues, then she is considered cancer free.  The fluid was actually in her stomach and they drained off almost 20 pounds of fluid today.  She is staying there for the weekend and the next doc will be in on Monday to see where we go from here.

Meanwhile - on Rog's phone, his mom was calling...they have a horse that is about 25-30 years old, and mil said that Sunset laid down yesterday evening and wouldn't get back up.  Rog told me that mil said that is she wasn't up this afternoon when mil got homr from work, she was going to call the vet and have her put down. Thankfully- she was up and going this morning. Mil said that she had doubleback leg kicked at Snickers-the other horse - and that it must have hurt her. She is fine now though.

Then, we finally got to start school.  We slept in - I was really hurting this morning - still am, but not as bad. And I knew the kiddos would be tired since we had such a late night last night.  We got thru our basics with no issues - we are LOVING science!!!  Then we were on to Little Nino's.  We read the book, then played a matching game of sorts. On my big school room cabinet, I labeled each door with the 4 food groups - and put the fats/sweeets/oil label around the side, out of the way.  I used the pizza food group cards from Homeschool Share and they placed them on the doors where they belonged.  We played several games of food group bingo, then we finished our passport pages in our spiral notebooks.  I had the narrate the story to me, I typed it up and added it to the book as well. It made a nice finish to our week.

It is 2:30 in the afternoon and they have been begging me to go outside...

not happening...


  1. It is that hot here also(but we are only about 2 hours apart) and they said the heat index is up to 110...I know we are having a really bad time with our animals(goats and chickens) seems I am always going out to give cool water...stay cool!


  2. Yikes, that is hot!

    I've been grateful for our weather to get into the 80s.

    Prayers for your Aunt.




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