Friday, August 10, 2007

Little Nino's Pizzeria


The 'application'

Little Nino page 1: On it is the title and author, a picture of the book cover, an I talian flag, part of the pizza counting worksheet and in the envelope - pizza slices with 6 steps in how to make a pizza.

Little Nino's page 2: On this page is her story disk, the rest of the pizza counting sheet, her map of Italy and her narration of the story - shared below.

Little Tony's is Big Nino's helper. They serve out the pizza pie togerher. After that last pizza somebosy came and told him he could make more money now.  He closed Little Nino's and opened up Big Nino's . One day Nino came home from Big Nino's. He said I miss chopping tomatoes and other things. I want to make pizza. One day they came back to Little Nino's and closed dwn Big Nino's  and opened up Little Tony's Pizzeria.


RILEY"S BOOK: The cover -

His 'application':

Little Nino's page 1: A pizza counting worksheet, an Italian flag, his envelope with the pizza sequencing in it.

Little Nino's page 2:  His story disk, his narration of the story - below- the map of Italy, and the title, author nd picture of the book cover.

My dad makes the best pizzas in the world. I help knead the dough, I stir the sauce and I help take out the pizza pies. The next day my dad opened a big new restaurant called Big Nino's. I tried to help in the kitchen but French Paw pushed me away.I tried to help in the dinig room, but the waiter tripped over me and spilled a bunch of food. The next day, Big Nino went back to Little Nino's and changed the name of the restaurant and clled it Little Tony's Pizzeria.

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