Thursday, August 9, 2007

Another day down....

..and staying caught up....

We slept in a bit later this morning, we have had a busy week, and we are going to the circus tonight, so I wanted them to be rested.

They got up and going with no problem ~ we read our Bible story for the day ~Cain and Abel ~ and then got right on our schooling. We did phonics, math, spelling, handwriting, and reading. We had already done our history for the week.

We read Little Nino's Pizzeria ~ talked about the art, details and colors. The kiddos then made a play-do pizza's, construction paper pizza's, and we made some veggie print picture's. They also did some watercolor painting of a picture out of the book.

The other day with our pizza the size of the sun, they made a huge pizza out of posterboard, then cut it into slices (or pieces). Well, I had them collect the pizza pieces and then we put the puzzle they had made back together -  I had to help them - it was pretty hard, and I am not sure a few of the smaller pieces are in the right place.

After school was done and we had lunch, they jumped in the shower so we could get ready for the CIRCUS!!!!  Ringling Brothers is in town this week, and mom got us all tickets. I have to say - the kiddos enjoyed it, but I was not impressed.I have been going to Ringling Brothers circus for 30 something years and have loved everyone of them, but this ttime I was highly disappointed. And to top it off, my camera was being weird on me and almost every picture I took was blurry and fuzzy....

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