Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Day 3 ~

Today didn't go quite as smooth as the first two, but I know what went wrong.  The first two days we started off with Phonics ~ which is a bit more for them ~ then progressed to the easier stuff.  Today, they wsanted to do math, then we went to other stuff, and then we were down to phonics...and by then they were ready to be done and tired of paying attention and ready to go play.  SO lesson learned...tomorrow we will start with phonics, then to math, then progress to the easier stuff from there. We did manage to get thru everything, and there were no tears, but it just wasn't as smooth as the first two days, and  I think that is why.

On a more positive note ~ we are using Considering God's Creation for science.  Let me just say my kiddos are definately hands on.  The curriculum suggests using a 3 ring binder, but for some reason I am hooked on the spiral bound books, so we are using one of these (each) and we are going to add to the spiral bound with each lesson. They had so much fun coloring, cutting and gluing today that we went thru 2 lessons this morning - after our near meltdown over phonics.  The only issue we may have with putting them in the spiral bound is that there are a few pages that you use the back and front, so I have had to make a couple of copies, but really, that was no big deal.

After science, we read Little Nino's Pizzeria again, and talked about homonyms.  We played a cute homonym game that I got from Homeschool Share.  They made a 'Pizza the size of the Sun' after I read that poem to them. Then, while we were having lunch, I put a large sugar cookie in the oven and we made a huge cookie pizza (I am just sick thinking about us eating it all....). Oh, and I also sick thinking about the mess it made when it started cooking and spread out into the bottom of my oven - anyone know how to get burnt smell out of the house??

I have a handful of go-along books that I checked out from the library.  So, today while they were doing their handwriting, I read to them. I read The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza, Hold the Anchovies, Pizza Man and How the Pizza Came to Queens. I also read them the Pizza the Size of the Sun poem as well as a few other silly ones from there.

Oh, I forgot to mention - our reading from today was The Serpent (Genesis 3:1-24)

I have cards tonight - I play pokeno once a month with my sis, cousin and a handful of friends - it is my girlsnight know - the time where we all laugh until we cry then cry until we laugh.

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