Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Monday ~

Rog was off from his part time job today, but had 2 eye dr., one dentist. We slept in for a bit, (with the exception of dealing with the pup) but had to get up and going so he could get to his first appt.  He needed glasses - and after looking around and seeing how much frames were, and then the sunglasses, then factor in the helment at work fitting around it - he asked about contacts.  The dr said sure- go for it. He spent quite a bit of time trying to get them in, then back out - but it is what he opted for and says he thinks they will be ok. As a contact wearer - I am glad he got them, so he can see how serious I am when I say my contact is bothering me!!  He also had cavities - in his wisdom teeth -that he was supposed to get pulled back sometime ago, so looks like that is in the future.

We went to VBS and waited on Rog to get home from the Fire Department - off to bed.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading what you have been up to. So Rog is getting contacts huh? Let me know how he likes them because I ended up opting out of contacts because after the first day of wearing mine (trial pair) I got a doozy of an eye infection (Ikes). I think my eyes are just too sensitive. I hope Roger does much better with them.

    I can't wait to see the pictures of your homeschool revamping.

    <>< Kelly

    P.S. - Thank you for signing our guest book. It wouldn't be the same without my Christa on the map :-)


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