Tuesday, June 5, 2007

VBS, Bible Study and 4 stitches later....

I tried to sleep in a bit this morning -but my f-i-l brought my nephew 'Chunky' over so he could go with us to our last Bible Study.  The kiddos were out in the backyard playing while I was inside getting ready. --Don't freak out at this point - we have a big backyard- completely privacy fenced and locked - they would have to try really hard to get out of there - they have been playing back there for 3 years with no accidents --well, at this point, my kiddos came running in saying that Chunky had scapred himself and there was blood everywhere.  Now, you don't have to be a doctor to know that a scrape does not equal blood every where - that if there was truly blood everywhere, then it was more serious than a scrape. Let me just say - there was blood everywhere!! They were measuring wood to build an addition on to the tree house (big dreams for two 7 yos and an almost 4) and Chunky cut his index finger on the tape measure.  I called fil and he headed over, and called bil and he headed over.  Landon got to ride to the hospital ER in the back of an ambulance (so what his dad was working as the medic on it) and he got 4 stitches in his little finger.  He called me later on this afternoon and asked if he could come over and play tomorrow - so he's not mad at me!!

We left for Bible Study the same time the ambulance did and then ran to WalMart to exchange some things. I checked on him at that point and fil said he had just got home with some lunch and he would be fine there the rest of the day. SO we came home and took a nap!! 

We had an early dinner, then off to a Ladies Aux meeting at the FD (we had started one a couple of years ago and it kinda fell by the wayside - we are trying to get it up and going again). Then to VBS. 

I am going to re-organize my LA stuff and then off to bed!  ANy ladies out there a member of a Ladies AUx and like to share anything, please feel free!!

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