Thursday, June 7, 2007

Catching up on sleep, feeding Lorakeets and free rootbeer floats

We were all home today with no impending plans - well, VBS, but that was not til later.  We took the phone off the hook and slept.  The kiddos slept til 8:30 or after, so that was great for them.  Once we all got up and going, we decided to go to the zoo.  It wasn't a last minute decision, Sis has been asking to go for a while.

It was supposed to be a hot day - but for the first part of the day - it was windy enough that it was cool enough to walk around without feeling like you were going to pass out.  Our zoo has always been a bad zoo - especially since we try to visit other cities zoos when we go out of town - but we were excited to see yesterday that they were really working on it.  They had a new area called Lorakeet Landing.  They were selling food (during certain feeding times) and we just happened upon it  at the right time.  The lorakeets were very bright with vivid colors.  We bought a small thing of nectar and got to go into the area and feed them.

After our last  VBS, we took advantage of the Sonics Free Rootbeer Float - without telling the kiddos.  They were suprised and had fun. We had to park and walk over to the Sonic, so it was more than just driving upand getting a float.



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  1. We have a Lorakeet exhibit at our zoo and we love it!! I am glad that they are working on your zoo...I don't know what we would do without ours.

    Gayle :)


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