Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Homemase Pizza, planting some seeds, and water guns....

We had a semi-quiet morning around here - with the exception of Ry and his attitude. For lunch, we made homemade pizza's  - all three of the kiddos got to make their own. The dough gave them all a bit of issues, but they enjoyed chosing from and putting all the toppings on. They all turned out yummy!

After lunch, we went out back to plant some seeds in a few containers - we planted cucumbers, watermelon/assorted melons and some pumpkins.  I have little faith that any of them will amount to anything, but we shall see!

The kiddos were cleaning up from that and they found some water guns in the shed -they had won them last month at Boy Scouts pack meeting, and they hadn't been opened yet.  They had a blast playing with each other - until the guns quit.  You know - they were cheap toys and they won them anfd they had fun with them while they lasted. We talked about going to WalMart and getting some Super Soakers.

We had VBS - one more night!!

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