Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday ~

I was up with the puppy at 4:30 this morning, so I decided just to stay up.  She is doing pretty good - she has been sleeping in the floor in our bedroom and whines when she needs to go out.  I had plenty to do today, so I just stayed up.

I was home alone, so I worked on a bit of next years school.  We are adding FIAR into our daily routine, so I spent some time seaching some fun go-alongs.

I had my three month follow up with my Lupus doctor. My appt was at 11:30, and I didn't get out of there until 1:20.  He said everything looked good and this was the best he has seen me in a while. He still keep my meds the same (he has been trying to work me off of them) and still wants to see me in 3 months - I want to work off that! He did say that there is a new set of lab work-up that is a bit more detailed for Lupus/Arthritis patients and he has researched it and all and has decided to go with that, so that cut a bit of time out of my day.  Before, I had to go to a different place for labs, now, it is in his clinic.  Maybe with some more detailed lab tests, they can come up with some different (maybe better) treatments.

I got away from my dr. appt just in time to make it to a 2:00 meeting.  A couple of the ladies in our part of the homeschool group are starting a program called Enrichment Only.  It is a 1 day all day co-op of sorts.  They are not offering the basics - more of a hands on/labs/extra type day.  The 2nd graders - mine- will get to have Science Lab, Music, Word Building, Art and History.  I have agreed to teach the Kindergarten age group, and I had to meet with the ladies and see what they expected and make sure the route I was wanting to take with the K's was going to be ok.  I decided to go with FIAR for this as well.  I can take my lessons that I do here at home with my kiddos and adapt them to a younger age and cover lots of stuff in a few hours.

My cousins little boy turned three, so we went to ChuckECheese for his birthday party. They recently remodeled and added new games. The kiddos had fun.

They also have their very first job.  A friend has gone out of town and she needed hamster experts to care for her hammie.  They brought him over and showed the kiddos his stuff. They are going to get paid $2 a day to care for the creature.


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