Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday ~

We got to stay home today!! We just hung out at the house - played outside, watched movies and nothing!!  It felt pretty good to have a day of nothing to do.

Gramma stopped by and got the kiddos on her way home from work. They got the swimming pool all set up, so the kiddos were looking forward to it.

Rog and I ran to WalMart for him some work jeans and some stuff for the new pup. I also picke up some containers and soil so I could start a small container garden.  We also ran and grabbed a bite to eat from Arby's. Once we got home, we watched Night at the Museum.  The kiddos and I had seen it, but Rog had never.  He enjoyed the movie, then we made a Sonic run for some ice cream and went for a drive.


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