Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Uggh, I am tired... Rog got home late last night and so we got to bed late - niether of us could sleep, the slightest thing and I was back awake, seems everytime I woke, he was up as well.  Well, at least until 5:00 am when his alarm went off and I also had to get up as well.  We are having a garage sale this weekend, and since they are calling for storms and rain, instead of having it outside at my house, we are having it in one of my mom's empty rent houses. So- I had to be over there at 6:30.

Once I got home, I sent the kiddos out to play and I did a few chores around here, fixed dinner, got the kiddos their bath and settled them for the night, then I finally got a chance to sit down and catch up on the computer. I am staying on here long enough to join my friends in TGR for our bible study; then I am off to bed to do it all again tomorrow - minus the online chatting with my study.

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