Friday, May 4, 2007

Devotion ~ Out of Control

Out of Control

Passage: Genesis 11:9

Your child gets sick the morning you have an important meeting. Your husband called and will be out of tow the weekend you've planned to clean the storage area. Your car breaks down on the way to pick up the carpool.  How do you respond when your carefully planned schedule goes out of control?

In Genesis 11, the survivors of the flood shared one language and, by cooperating together, began to build a tower to the heavens to 'make a name for' themselves. In their mind, they had life under control! God's response? He confused their language - not because God didn't want the to cooperate but because God wanted to be God in their lives.

He wants to be God in our lives tot. When we start gripping the controls, dictating every detail of our days, we can expect God to have something to say about it.

We are to live lives that are, in a way, out of control.  Because only when we are out of control, God can be in control!

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