Saturday, May 5, 2007

Devotion ~ The Legacy of Eve

The Legacy of Eve

Passage: Genesis 3

You and I have inherited Eve's fallen nature, but we also have been granted God's presence and our own capability to decide what we will do with what we have.

Have you watced a sick child with apprehension and perhaps even terror gnawing at your heart? I recall such a night when our fifteen-month-old son had drunken a large quanity of kerosene. With all his strenght he had fought the hospital's stomach pump and as he lay limply onthe sheet, I could see the ugly bruises marking his little delicate body. The hardest  part about waiting is that doubts begin to creep in. Does God see me here? Does he really care about my anguish? Is He punishing me for my negligence?

God allows us - His weary, wounded, greiving children - to lay all our burdens and cares on Him. In such times, I suggest a prayer with four petitions:

1. Dear Lord, show me what resources I have.

2. What are my alternates in this situation?

3. Guide me to my best option. Show me why I should chose it.

4. I trust you to show me what to do next. Thank you for your never failing kindness.

Life involves a series of choices. Because decision-making is such a routine part of life, I sometimes forget that every course of action I select affects some young imitator. Eve reminds me that so often I live by trial and error, and I need to learn instead to live by trusting God. Skillful living starts with hearing - and obeying - God's commands.

Written by: Jeanne Hendricks

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