Thursday, May 3, 2007

Devotion ~ God's Active Memory

God's Active Memory

Passage: Genesis 8

Sometimes we feel like we've been forgotten by those we hold dear. Moms can feel like vending machines -just there to dispense the goods. Dinner on the table. Allowance on the counter. Laundry in the drawer. A ride home, But when the storms of life came, families turn to mom to calm the waters.

Through 150 days Noah and his household rode the waves of the flood.  Feeding the animals. Cleaning up messes. Did Noah and his family feel like God had forgotten them? Maybe. But in Genesis 8:1 God remembers Noah and casues the water to recede. The Hebrew word for 'remember' conveys the concept of love and care in action. God didn't just think about Noah and his predicament, he acted on his behalf.

No matter who else has forgotten us, God remembers us aws he remembered Noah. Today He is acting with love and care on our behalf.


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