Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Devotion ~ Are We Still Afloat?

Are We Still Afloat?

Passage: Genesis 6:5-14

Wood can float on top of water for some time without getting to wet. It appears that the water is not affecting the wood. But with time, the wood begins to soak up the water, and eventually it becomes waterlogged and sinks. So it is with the Christian and sin. We canfloat onthe surface of sin, never appearing to be affected. But eventually the sin soaks in and the true results become visible as we sink deeper and deeper into error.

Moms are no excpetion. Depsite our efforts to be patient, we lose our temper before breakfast. We're basically imperfect creatures who will choose self over others and ease over effort almost every time. As in the days of Noah, the inclinations of our hearts still tend toward evil. Daily, we tread in waters that threaten to sink us.

Help comes first in recognizing our tendencies to waterlog. Where are we sinking? What steps could we take to "dry out"?

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