Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tuesday ~

Wow!  We had a busy day today!!  We got up and showered and dressed - snuck in a couple of pages of math, then were off!  I started a new Women's Bible Study with a friend from the church I have been visiting (it is actually at her MIL's church).  It is called Satisfied Lives for Depserate Housewives - a study on Proverbs 31.  The kiddos went in and stayed in the child care part of it - where they met a 7yo homeschooled girl.  Her mom approached me after it was over and we talked for a few mintues, but I had to rush off to our next stop.

We had a meeting for a program called Enrichment Only for the next school year.  I am still weighing about a few things - 1. do I want to enroll the kiddos in it; 2. if I do, do I want to teach in it, or do I want to have that day for me.  I talked with Rog about it a little, but not much in detail, so I guess my first step would be to discuss it with him and get his ok on it before I go any further.  I am thinking that I would like to get them involved in this, and I wouldn't mind teaching.  They re needing a teacher for Kindergarten, so I was thinking I could go that route - I am using FIAR with my kiddos next year, so it wouldn't be to hard to adapt my lessons for the group.  I guess I need to really decide and get it set in stone, because if we go this route, then it changes the whole dynamics of our school year. And I will need to re-work our year around this.

After we left there, we went on a picnic lunch and were going to meet some friends to play at the school yard, but it was locked!

After dinner - off to scouts!

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