Thursday, May 24, 2007

Myrtle Beach ~ Day 6

Our last morning at the beach - we got up early to go watch the sun rise again...

Then we packed up and hit the road - headed to Greenville, SC to meet some of my internet friends at the Greenville Zoo.

This is Patricia, Lorna and I. We are all in a MSN group together - have been for a while, and we finally got to meet one another.  And here are all of our kiddos....(Patricia posted a different one of them on her blog - I linked to her blog thru her name).

On the bear - Ry, Sis, Sawyer and Isaiah (not sure which is which - correct me Lorna or Patricia and I will fix it). Standing in front is Vicki and Ansley. They hit it off and really got along great.  After the zoo, they played at the park for a while, then Lorna and her hubby showed us how to get to WalMart, then we grabbed a bite to eat at Fridays. Since they had us totally lost, they then had to show us back to our hotel!!

Here's another one of the boys at the zoo - not sure who is who up there....

And the girls ...Vicki was done with the picture taking at this point!!

And one more - Lorna and I after dinner.

And finally - Day 7 - our trip home.

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  1. The twin thing!!!!!

    Isaiah is closer to Sis.

    Sawyer is also the backward one.



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