Monday, May 7, 2007

My longest (and bestest) friend(s)

Ok, one of my sweet friends Charity is having friendship contest on her blog, so I thought I would enter. She wants us to share about our oldest friend.  I actually have a couple of friends  that I would like to share about.
First, my sister. She is 4 years younger than me and we have always been close.  I never remember fighting with her. When she got older, we hung out together, ran around together and enjoyed doing the same things.  She had her friends and I had mine, but we also had each other.  When we both got older, we ran a business together, and still managed to get along and hang out in our spare time.  We have been each others rocks thru many hard time - new baby with health problems, me with health problems, TWINS!?!, and a divorce.  We have also been together thru the fun times as well! We hvae even more fun times planned as we are going to DIsney together this summer!  We talk, email and chat daily - we rarly go longer than that.
And for my friends who are not related to me.  They have both been my friends since elementary school and we are still friends today.  Life has taken us all 3 down different paths and they have rarely crossed since graduation, but we still manage to keep in touch and remain friends to this day.
In third grade, I met Amy B. We were in the same class and became friends.  I don't remember much about 4th grade- I think we were in seperate classes, so of course, we weren't friends that year.  In 5th grade, we were paired back up and instantly best friends. The middle of our 5th grade year, Amy C. moves back to our school  -her and AB had been friends before, but I didn't know her.  The three of us became pretty close as we went thru the 6th grade I think we were in the same class as well.  The end of 6th grade came and it was horrible - we were all 3 going to different schools - man - the world was ending, so we thought.
We all went on our merry ways to the dreaded middle school alone - without our best friends by our side. We kept in touch on and off, and as we went thru High School, we became close once again -even though we were all seperate.  I don't think AB and AC stayed in touch with each other, but I was still friends with both of them.
Being grown and married has surely taken us down different paths - they both are far away from me and have been for years, but they are still close to my heart.  I talk with them on occasion and email/myspace/blog back and forth with them.  It has been a while since I spent some time with AC, but AB and I live closer together (and her mom is in my town!) so I get to see her more - and she happened to be on our path to Myrtle Beach last year, so we spent some time with them then.
I am not as close with either of them as I would like to be, but they are still two of my best friends and will always be.  They would be here for me in a second if I needed them and they know I would be there for them.
I love you SeaChelle!!!
I love you Amy, Amy!!!

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