Monday, May 7, 2007

Devotion ~ Wrong Choices

Wrong Choices

Passasge: Genesis 19

Genesis 19 paints  an ugly picture of people who made wrong choices. People demanding homosexual intercourse. A father offering two daughters for sexual favors. Two daughters drugging their father with wine and then sleeping with him to become pregnant with his child.

How many wrong choices have we made? When have we looked for an easy way to satisfy our needs? How have we stepped away from what is right? Whether an affair, child abuse, impatience, rage, or selfishness, there are consequences for disobedience.

Genesis 19 may be a hard chapter to read. But it illustrates that God's judgement would be a harder sentence to endure. Praise be to God that in Jesus' death on the cross, we can find forgiveness for any and every sin we have chosen!

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