Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Devotion ~ Laughing Matters

Laughing Matter

Passage: 21:1-7

Sarah learned to laugh at the unexpected turn of her days. At first she laughed rather inappropriately at God whenshe heard she would bear a child in her nineties. She laughed with the pain of unbelief and doubt. Later she laughed with God out of pure joy when she held Isaac, whose name means 'he laughs'. She laughed out of pure joy at God's power and provision.

There are so many heavy challenges in life! Will my toddler ever  be potty trained? How will I survive the years of puberty with an eye rolling pre-teen? What about becoming a mom again - at age 46? Try Sarah's approach. The next time you lack perspective on the choas of your days, consider the lighter side of life. Find something to laugh about.

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