Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monday ~ Memorial Day ~

Well, we did try to sleep in...but with this new puppy - she is worse than a new baby about needing attention in the middle of the we are trying to cage train her - that is how we housebroke our first 2 dogs- and she is getting better. Once she wakes up at the crack of dawn and goes out to potty, she comes back to our room and sleeps on the blanket for a while - so I can go back to sleep. Hmm, I have been saying I need to start getting up and going earlier, maybe this is God's way of helping me get to that point...but I still need my sleep...a new pup right after a vacation is quite tiring!

We had 2 different cookouts to go to.  The first one was at my Grandpa's an aunt Di's house.  We have been really good about getting everyone together - my grandpa, parents,aunts, uncles, my cousins (5) and their spouses and kiddos...most everyone was there today. We had burgers and dogs for lunch and the kiddos (big and little) played kickball. We didn't have any homemade ice cream or watermelon - those are both essentials for a cookout!! ....hmm, I guess we all forgot about it! Well, no matter- we all had a good time!!

After my families, we went to my inlaws - and had dinner with all of them, which was nice, but nothing spectacular - we all have dinner together all the time - but they got a new swimming pool and ot it set up today....that was part of the fun!  The silly kiddos were excited about it - even though they didn't get to swim in it yesterday (it was filling) - they swam in the small blow-up one.

We were all tired - everyone was asleep by 10pm - Rog and I didn't even watch the news.  I guess we will get caught up on our sleep eventually!

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