Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday ~

Ugh...another full busy day....

Ater dinner last night at mil's, my nephew Chunky came home with me to spend the night with the kiddos - which was really suprising...he never wants to come to my house!  Well, Rog got up and went back to work today - today was shift day for him -so that left me to get 3 kiddos up and around and ready for church, plus deal with the puppy.  Everything came together just fine and we were even at church early!  The couple that leads our Sunday School class - she just had surgery, so she wasn't there, and it ended up being me and him, and it was our classes turn to work the nursery, for both sunday school and church service, so even though I was at church this morning - I was with the babies - we had fun - it has been a while since I have been around little ones - there was only one today that was considered a bed baby and he was old enough to be in with the toddlers, so we had 8 toddlers to play with this morning!

After church, I dropped all 3 kiddos off at mil's - and I went with my mom and sister shopping.  They are going out of town next weekend to a wedding - we are not - we had already made SC plans when we got the invite - and my sis got a new job.  She has been kennel manager at the 24 hour animal hospital/boarding place - wearing scrubs- working funky odd shifts.  She is now an office manager at a law firm, working 8-4 m-f!  She is super excited - being a single mom and working weird shifts is hard. Anyways, she got some really cute clothes to at least get her started.  And I got a couple of pairs of sandals!

We picked up my kiddos and then went to mom's to be there when Goosy (my neice) got home from her dads.  My dad had made dinner while we were out shopping.  We had dinner and let the kiddos play for a bit, then home and they crased. I didn't get any arguing at all out of them!!  As soon as Rog calls - I am out as well.

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