Friday, April 20, 2007

So close to being done....

We are getting there - slowly but surely!!!  We are so close to finishing our book work for this year!!  Last week we finished the science lessons we were doing - a slow walk through the human body.  This week, we have finished our history - Story of the World Vol. 1.  They are close to finishing thier math books - we are taking lesson 27 test today, then we have 28, 29 ,and 30.  They are also close to finishing up the handwiriting book they have been working on.  I guess we will spend the next couple of weeks on math and phonics and be finished with everything by the beginning of May. 

Now, we do school year round...but not so formal during the summer.  They will still work on their nature journals (at least one entry a week), plus we will review what we have learned with the body. We will review the math that they have been learning, but I want to work on teaching them clocks and money during this time. I have our go along reading list from SOTW, and I will continue to check these books out and read them. Of course, we will continue on with our learning to read.

We will be going on vacation the middle of May, so when we finish up what I have on the lesson plans, then we will chill until after we return. Ry also has BS camp one week in June, so while they will still be learning thru the summer, the formal time will be hit and miss. I plan on starting 2nd grade the beginning of August!

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  1. Just wanted to say I appreciate you taking the time to post and sharing with us. Keep it up- woohoo!


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