Thursday, April 19, 2007

Menu rotation??

Anyone ever successfully come up with a menu rotation?  I was random blogging last night, and found an enrty from 2/06 about a menu that was made on a six-week rotation. I printed it off, and I am going to adapt it to our tastes and faves and give it a try. 

It would seem to be easy and save time - once you initially got started. Would it not? I mean, you can make the menu out and then make a grocery list for each week, and your done...with the exception of adding your extra needs each week to your list before shopping.

The only other way I can see that it would need to be 'tweaked' is maybe one set for spring/summer and one set for fall/winter - because we love to have chili, just not in the middle of the summer - same thing for grilling...can't do that in the dead of winter. 

I guess I will put some time into 2 different 6 week rotations and see if I can put that into practice around here.  Maybe instead of 7 meals, I can plan 5 for each week -to leave room to try new things and for the times that something comes up!!


  1. I have not done this yet, but plan on making one soon. I would be interested in seeing what you end up doing.

  2. This has been my goal as well. But we are rather simple eaters so a good solid 7 or 8 weeks of menues to rotate would be great. Of course I want low carb friendly and the DH and DS don't ...LOL

  3. Oh and BTW its nice to see that you got that right column back up.

    Looks great!


  4. I made a menu planner ONCE and I couldn't stick with it for a week.

    Maybe one of these days.... lol.

    Maybe if it was a menu plan that was longer than 6 weeks, I could *possibly* do it. I get bored quickly!




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