Saturday, April 21, 2007

A fun time at the park

After Sis and I got finished at Toltec Mounds, we met Gramma, Ry and Monkey-Do (my nephew that I take care of) at a place in Keo (a small town by Scott) called Charlotte's (just an article about it). It a true hole-in-the-wall, you have to know where you going place, but it is sooo good!!!  They have such yummy pies!! Beside the cafe, there is a semi-town park - that mainly consists of a gazebo, but the kiddos loveto play there --
Me and the kiddos..
The park
The kiddos skating
He looks like he is doing a smooth move- it was a fall.....
They were running around the gazebo and the hitting the sidewalk and crusing across...only one fall.
His turn to cruise...

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