Saturday, April 21, 2007

At the mounds...

This morning we got up early (for us, especially on a Saturday!!) and went on a day trip to Scott, AR (about 45 minutes from home) to a place called Totec Mounds State Park for Girls Scouts Days at the Mounds.  They offer a patch program, where the girls go to GSDays, then once they get the main patch (what we earned today) they can go back and get 'rockers' to go around the original patch. The rockers are different programs that Toltec offers, but you cannot attend until you have the Days patch. We went through the exhibit room, then on a guided tour, then back to watch a video.  The girls had a flyer to fill out and get signed by the park lady; then they will get thier patch from that.
 The Exhibit Room:

The guided tour:

We saw many snakes and turtles:

The girls with their park tour guide:

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