Saturday, December 16, 2006

Week in review....

Well, since I am a bit behind with this and because HSB has been otherwise occupied, I am going to blog about this past week like this...(even though I would rather blog each day individually - right now, I don't have the time to!)

Sunday ~ I didn't go to church today - I woke up with a bad headache, so I went back to sleep - the kiddos were at mom's so I slept in late for once- I felt better after I woke up.  I called to check on the kiddos, while we were on the phone, my Pepaw called and said that Meme fell and they were at the hospital with a broken collar bone and bruised ribs - they thought there was more, but that ended up being all. Mom brought the kiddos home and we hung out here for a while then went and had dinner with dad.

Monday  ~ I had a dr. appointment today - I was going to take the kiddos with me, it was raining and I was not looking forward to it. Rog called as we were about to walk out the door and said he was on his way home, so I got to leave the kiddos with him!! 

Tuesday~ I kept a friends little girl today so they could get their shopping done, then when Melissa picked her up, my mil came over and got my kiddos and I went to the hospital.  Ry had scouts, and it was at the fire department, so once Rog got home, he went to get them and took them both to Boy Scouts.  I sat at the hospital with my Meme from 4:00pm until 1:00am - she had gotten a new pain med today and we didn't want her alone in case she reacted to this like she did the other, so my sister and I sat up there until she got good and asleep.

Wednesday ~ This was our normal library story time and errand day - the kiddos went to AWANA and I stayed for church. I also took the kiddos up to visit Meme, after we left the hospital, she got transferred to a rehab/nursing home so she can get better and go home (that is the plan anyways - I am not sure I see it happenning!)

Thursday ~ The kiddos and I went to the Children's Theater to see the play A Year With Frog and Toad, it was pretty cute - they really enjoyed it.  When it was over, we met some friends out at the pond for a picnic lunch then to feed the ducks - the duck feeding was fine - the geese on the other hand - they were pretty agressive!! We left from the Arts Center and went downtown to the River Market and rode the trolley around Little Rock, then we got a transfer pass and rode it over the river and around in N. Little Rock - pretty neat and very informative! We also went to the Muesum of Discovery. They had a couple of cute things going on - one of them was Flip It, Fold It, Figure It Out - a bunch of hands on math stuff. Another was Grossology - the Impolite Study of the Human Body - and it was funny - they had hands on stuff that showed how you burp, pass gas, and throw up.  There was a 'leaky faucet' that was pretty snotty - and a huge operation game.  The 4 kiddos got a kick out of those exhitbits.

Friday~  I got up fairly early and a friend of mine came over to help me start with ty-dying towels (this is what I have chosen to do for all the extra kiddos I have to buy for) we got started and then about the time she had to leave, we ran out of stuff, so the kiddos and I jumped in the van and ran to get more dye kits. Melissa came back over and we finshed up and got them all 'setting' for the evening.  Rog and the kiddos were working on the front yard - we are about knee deep in leaves around here- we haven't had the time to rake - so he got started on that. He burned off a couple of piles, then had a couple more ready to burn when he got home Sunday morning.  We all loaded in the car and took a small lighted Christmas tree to my Meme at the nursing home.  The kiddos promised ornaments for it the next time we come back to visit. We then grabbed a bite to eat and went to look at lights.  I was not impressed to much this year - we try to wait until as late as possible so we can give everyone time to get theirs hung, but there just weren't to many up.  I guess I can't whine - we didn't get around to hanging ours either  - doesn't look like that is going to happen this year!

Saturday ~ We got up this morning and got going at a pretty decent time.  We went to Academy and bought Christmas presents for Roger. After we left there, we went and picked up our Angel Food box, then to Walgreens to get the rest of Roger's christmas gifts and some Candy Canes for the little tree we took to Meme (I forgot all about those though, so we will go get them on Tuesday when we get a chance to go and visit with her again). I ran to the bank to transfer some money then off to WalMart Neighborhood Market for some groceries.  I think we are good for the rest of the year!! Once we got home, we got the car unloaded and then Melissa and her to girls came over and brought pizza for lunch. The kiddos all played very well while we finished up the tye-dye towels.  After they left, I cleaned my main bathroom top to bottom, then I wrapped Rog's gifts and got them under the tree while I watched TV.  We had fend for yourself night for dinner - we got to eat whatever we wanted (well, out of what we could find!) I also had laundry going all day and got most of it folded and put away!

We have a busy day on Sunday, so we need to get in bed!!

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