Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday, December 19

There wasn't alot to do today - and I was tired and extremely sore!  The kiddos were kinda sluggish, so they laid around in the den, watching TV and playing with their stuffies.  I went thru the keep and deal with later pile of mail, paid bills and semi-cleaned my desk top off.  I also went thru some girls scout stuff as I need to get cookie sales stuff ready. Still needs lots of work, and we still have tons of school work that we should really be doing, but it just hasn't been happening. We are going to get caught up this week though!  I have got to be ready when the new year rolls around!!

Both kiddos had scouts tonight, I went with Sis - she made some Christmas crafts, and mil took Ry - tonight was their award night and he got a bow and arrow from his popcorn selling. He was pretty excited about it.

Once we all got home they went to bed - that is where I am headed!!

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