Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wednesday December 20, 2006

Today was errand day and I really didn't have much to do. We ran to the bank, then to story time. I picked up a couple of last minutes gifts at Walgreens and then we met some friends for lunch. Rog was home when we got finished playing at the indoor McD's playground.  There was no AWANA, so I skipped church  to take the kiddos to shop for each other - it was the only time we had to do it.  I took Sis, we went to WalMart (in the rain) for her to shop for Ry. She was so funny - she was really shopping- thinking about what she wanted to get him, thinking about how she wanted to spend her alotted money.  When we got home, Rog said Ry was the same way. They went to spend the night at their grammas (which never happens on a week night) b/c I have a dr appt. Thur morning and with my Meme being in rehab, my bil offered to watch them so my mom wouldn't have to deal with them.

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