Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday, December 18th

Wow  - today was a busy day - I got all the towels thru the wash for the last time - finally!  Melissa came over to get hers and ended up staying and visiting. I had my nephew L for the day and Rog got home early!!  And I was trying to bake!!!  The kiddos got in no formal school-work for the day. They did however, get in plenty of home ec!!

Let's see what all I ended up making - M&M cookies, brown sugar Christmas tree cookies, shortbread bites, peppermint chippers, peanut butter balls, dipped ritz and pb, peanut brittle and red rock candy.  Well, the peanut brittle and red rock candy did not turn out very well - the weather here was horrible - it was up to 75* and it was very humid - so, the stuff set up, it is just very sticky - I am going to let the weather cool off and try again.  The dipped crackers and pb balls were very sticky as well.  I put them in the fridge and they set up nicely - scared to pull them out   -afraid they may melt!

Rog went to the vfd meeting and me and the kiddos loaded up and went to the nursing home to visit.  Oh, they also made ornaments today, so there is some art in the middle of our home ec!!

I am tired and sore and I am going to bed!

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