Friday, October 20, 2006

We are outta here!!!

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog this past week or so - we have been prety busy.  We have had a few school days - and a few not school days - but, I am counting them all!!  We have been preparing for a long planned and awaited trip!! The time has come!!! We are leaving Saturday morning bright and early!!  When I say we... I mean hubby and I - the kiddos left this morning for Branson - they are with Gramma and Grampa for a week staying at the cabin, hanging out and having fun.  We (me and hubby) are headed to Galveston!! Why you ask? Because that is where our cruise ship will be leaving from!!!  Yes, we are going on a 7 night Western Caribbean Cruise!!  Just the two of us.  We are celebrating our 10th anniversary.  And before you start throwing tomatoes at me for being a bad mom and leaving my kids for that long, please know that we (me, hubby and the kiddos) are all ok with this.  We think it is good for them, as well as us, to be seperated on occasion.  Now, I am not saying we will be doing this all the time, but I think they will be fine.  I know that some of you will not like this idea, but we are fine with it.  Yes, I will miss them, I already do...


And I will miss you guys also!!!  Please keep us all in your prayers!!




  1. Wow, that sounds like so much fun, i also think it is good for some seperation at times, as long as the grand parents know your rules so you don't come home to you know what. well have fun on your cruise and i will check back for details on it later.

    Have fun,


  2. I hope you have a fabulous time! So you are starting your 2nd year of homeschooling twins? I have 4 year old triplets and I will be starting Kindergarten next year. I sure could use some advice, I'll probably be checking your blog often to see what you are teaching.



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